Getting Started with Open FAIR Accreditation

Getting Started with Open FAIR Training Course Accreditation


1. How to Apply for Training Course Accreditation

2. Adding Affiliates for an Accredited Training Course

How to Apply for Training Course Accreditation

If you are an organization that wants to provide an Open Group Accredited Training Course, you need to take the following steps:

  1. Read the Certification and Accreditation Policies, Conformance Requirements and Accreditation Requirements, the Accreditation Agreement, and the Accreditation TMLA to become familar with the program and the requirements for accreditation.
    These documents are all available using the links in the navigation bar on the left of this screen.
  2. Ensure you a have valid Commercial License for use of The Open Group Risk Taxonomy and Risk Analysis standards.
  3. Download, print, sign, and return to The Open Group legal department the following agreements:

    Open Group legal will counter-sign the agreements and return a copy to you.

    • Accreditation Agreement, along with the Training Course Schedule
    • Accreditation TMLA, along with the Trademark License Schedule
  4. Contact the Open FAIR Certification Authority via email (see Contact Us menu on left for link) to register your organization in the program and provide your contact information. You will need to specify:
    • Name, Address, Phone Number for your organization and optionally a link to your website
    • Name and email address for the individuals fulfilling the following roles for your organization with respect to accreditation:
      • Authorized Signatory (required) - the person who has overall responsibility for the accreditation activity for your organization and who is authorized to enter into legal agreements on behalf of the organization.
      • Primary Accreditation Contact (required) - the person who is the primary contact for all accreditation activity and issues across your organization.
      • Alternate Accreditation Contact (optional) - a person who is an alternate to the Primary Accreditation Contact and who has the same rights and responsibilities for accreditation.
      • Organization Finance Contact (required) - your organization's primary contact for payment or invoicing issues related to certification.
      • Organization Marketing Contact (optional) - individual to contact for any accreditation related marketing issues.
    • Name of your training course, as you would like it to appear in the accreditation register
  5. Assemble an Accreditation Package for your training course. The Accreditation Package contains all of the information needed in order to demonstrate conformance with the Accreditation Requirements. The Accreditation Package comprises:
    • Conformance Declaration
      Description of the course and attributes of the course, which define the scope of what is accredited.
      Must download the form above and fill-in answers for all of the questions.
    • Trainer Credentials
      The names and training qualifications for all primary and back-up trainers.
    • Course Documentation
      The full set of course documentation, including presentation materials, handouts, workbooks, any case studies, etc.
    • Quality Management System Documentation
      Documentation of the quality management system and processes used in delivery and administration of the course and customer management. Includes all documentation necessary to demonstrate evidence of the training provider's capability to offer the training course, support customer registration and management, and meet the requirements for advertising and promotion, voucher purchases, record keeping, reporting, etc.

  6. Complete the Accreditation Checklist

    The Accreditation Checklist provides a mapping between your Accreditation Package and the Accreditation Requirements. The mapping is a precise indication of where within the Accreditation Package the evidence exists which demonstrates that your organization and course meet each of the Accreditation Requirements for the program.

    There are two parts to the Accreditation Checklist: the Training Course Accreditation Checklist and the applicable Course Materials Checklist. You will need to complete each part and use the templates provided; they are available for download from the navigation bar on the left.

  7. Submit the Accreditation Package, including all supporting documents, and the completed Accreditation Checklist to the Certification Authority.
  8. Pay the accreditation fees
    You may make payment by credit card or check here; indicate in the Other Information field that this is for Open FAIR Training Course Accreditation and provide the name of your organization and your course. If you need help determining the correct fee amount or would like request an invoice, contact the Certification Authority.
  9. The Certification Authority will check to ensure that all required legal agreements are fully executed, fees have been paid, and all submitted documents are acceptable. The Certification Authority will then have an assessor perform an assessment of your Accreditation Package. The assessor may contact you with questions during the assessment. The Certification Authority will inform you of the outcome of the accreditation process.
  10. Once your training course is accredited, it will be added to the Accredited Course Register. You will then be able train students to prepare them for the Open FAIR examination and certification.

Adding Affiliates for an Accredited Training Course

If you are an ATC Provider and would like to add an Affiliate for your Accredited Training Course, instructions are provided here.